Monday, August 20, 2012


           I've never really considered myself to be the type of person that needs inspirational quotes. Three days ago, around one o'clock in the morning (while surfing Facebook), I was pondering the type of people that use quotes and could not come up with an exact demographic. I also realized something else... I use inspirational quotes. This realization came to me right before I posted my very first blog post. I was (and still am) afraid to put myself out there. I did not want to hit the “post” button. After the clock was rolling towards two in the morning, do you want to know what I said? “Be. That. Nut.” That's right, you heard me. I don't want to be just any nut. I want to be THAT nut. I'm talking about the nut in my new favorite inspirational quote:
         “The strongest oak was once a little nut that held its ground.”
This struck home with me for a variety of reasons. The world can be a daunting place, and when I thought about beginning a blog, I thought about all of the thousands of people already doing so. I do not know that I can make a positive difference in someone's life or if anyone will be entertained by my words. I do not know if I babble on or not give enough. The quote sounds a little “me against the world.” However, it's quite the opposite.
           What does a nut need in order to grow into a beautiful oak? Being a gardener, I know it will need a few things: good soil, sunlight, and water.
          There is great soil here in which to firmly sink my roots. My family's history on Old Brodbeck Farm dates back generations to around the 1850s. I have a definite feeling of home, a wonderful husband, loving children, great parents and great in-laws. I also have wonderful, supportive friends. So, the nutritive soil is there.
          I would consider my passion for various subjects to be the sunlight. I am passionate about the simple farm lifestyle and attempt at taking beautiful photographs to capture its essence. When the shutter clicks (and clicks and clicks), I get excited about going home and plucking that little card into the computer to see what pops up. What moment in time did I find? What can never be repeated and yet was captured so quickly as to trap the flick of a dragonfly wing? Right now, for me, the sunlight is streaming.
          Last, but not least, the nut needs water. Lots and lots of water. That's where you come in. As you are reading this, you are my water. Without water, a plant is deprived and will surely wither and die. I already feel in my soul a sense of rejuvenation after posting my first blog post. I felt new “friends” on Facebook raining down. I expected one or two people to trickle to my first blog. I did NOT expect over 80 page views. The friendly nature of the Fresh Eggs Daily farm girls brought the ladle and scooped many of you from their pool. I only hope that in return for the water I am so gratefully receiving, I can give you something you need too. I hope that you feel satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment out of watching this little nut dig down deep in the dirt, reach up high for the sunshine and open its sprouting branches to embrace the water.


  1. What a wonderful, heartfelt post. I've made many new friends on facebook and in the chicken community and I'm so glad for the opportunity. Looking forward to your future posts. <:3 <---that's a chicken...

  2. Thank you so much Kimmie and Angie. It means alot to me that you took the time to write a comment. Thank you! And, Kimmie, I love the chicken!

  3. Here's a little sprinkle from Hope Farms, and I am farmhousewife; love the writing and the photography is terrific! Both are windows into your soul and the view is nice from here!


  4. I can so relate. I'm not new to blogging but this is my first time to have a very "public" blog that I have tried to promote. In the past it has always been writing just for my family and friends. Sometimes I feel a bit shy when it comes to hitting the publish button too. Best wishes and I look forward to reading more!

    (Black Fox Homestead)