Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chicken Swap!

Chicken Swap site at Robertsdale Feed Store
   There is a wonderful little feed store in a neighboring city named the Robertsdale Feed Store. The interior of their store is set up kind of in the "old timer" style, which fits my style perfectly. They have graciously been hosting a monthly chicken swap. All sorts of things can show up here. Today, there were various assortments of poultry, including Coronation Sussex, Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, Pharaoh Quail, Naked Necks and many more. Many times, you will find other livestock, ranging from fainting goats to even the little pig that we saw today. There are fine folks selling jams, jellies, homemade breads, cookies and delightful sewing crafts.
Wonderful Naked Neck chick
    One of the cutest little chicks we came across, was a naked neck. What do you think about this little fella? They certainly are interesting and definitely a conversation starter. We (well, read that I... my husband was not entirely thrilled) decided to purchase a full grown naked neck to add to our flock. She is point-of-lay, which means that she should be ready to lay very soon. I was told that she should lay jumbo eggs. I'm excited to see how she does because I have never owned a naked neck. I tried to do my due diligence by asking if she is prone to being picked on because of her bare skin, sunburn potentials, etc. I checked her eyes for clarity, nostrils for discharge and her comb and wattle for spots. She looked great, so I bought her for $10. I don't think that's a bad price for a point-of-lay hen. Without further ado, here she is. What should we name her?

I found it somewhat challenging to find her best side for the camera!
 This little fella was an eyecatcher. He was on a leash and was very friendly. He liked to be petted and held. I have never tried to walk a rooster on a leash, but I imagine most of mine would not take to it without extensive training.... and squawking and kicking and flapping. 
Muscadine jelly. I'm excited about trying it out.
     Like I said, there were wonderful sewing crafts and jams and jellies. When I see a lady standing behind a table with all of her wares set out before her, I don't just see the jars of muscadine jelly. I see someone standing picking the muscadine grapes by hand, cooking them down on the stove and adding their own special touch. I see them cutting out fabric squares with pinking shears in different colored fabrics to adorn their jar lids. I see her making her tags and writing down the blend. I imagine her hopes of selling some jelly, so I try and pay special attention to their efforts and I try and buy some jam whenever I can. If you are not familiar with muscadine grapes, here's a nice wiki article on them They grow like wildfire here and can be used in various applications.
     The chicken swap is always a fun walk through for kids and anyone interested in rural, simple living. Do you have a chicken swap in your area? If so, is it like ours? Drop me a comment :)

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  1. Loved reading your blog. Thank you for sharing! We love going and being a part of the swap at RF&S.
    Carter's Legacy Farms